Care Don't Carry


Some of the best advice I ever received was to “CARE DON’T CARRY”. Now, it’s one of my favorite keys to living right.

Practice holding a mindset and actions that reflect positivity, possibilities, hope. Envision wins and solutions . The more you can do this the less you will tend to "carry ". Its kind to offer compassion and hope to those in need, support and service in seemingly hopeless environments, to be a soundboard and positive aide where negativity casts shadows that benefit from your strength and light...BUT please, leave the weight of the worry at the door . . . "care don’t carry".

JANUARY 2021 flew in like a freightrain, full steam ahead…and we are moving fast full speed ahead.

December we witnessed the first Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in over 800 years, said to bring good vibes and lessen stress. After 2020, we all want to believe that more and more and will take it .

Today, the second to last day of January marks our first ‘Mercury in Retrograde’ of the year, and just hot on the tail of a big full moon. So. What does that mean?

Specifically, the January “Wolf” moon is said to allow you to let go of negative behaviors and relationships to make way for heart-centered relationships and new positive ways of thinking.

When any full moon peaks, there is a gravitational pull to the water that can leave you clumsy, confused and accident-prone. Align your body with water to wash away your worries and the skin cells that carry it, reset your physical, mental and emotional balance. Actively ground your emotions, take and release some deep breaths. Get in the water, pool, hot tub, ocean, lake, bath, shower, steamroom, whatever you can and hydrate too, drink plenty of water.

Now is a time of great release. I always recommend to state your releases verbally out loud, outside. The air outside carries negative ions that act in a positive way to clear and reset feelings of positivity in the mind and raise energy levels. Clear the old stuff that feels constricting to make way for new blessings.

Last night was the first full moon of the year. If we are blessed, we will see 11 more this year. Only 11 more in 2021. That’s 11 times you can plan to release the big stuff, what no longer serves your highest self, your greatest good, which in turn, affects the greatest good of all. So, what will you actively release? What DO you want to create and carry? Carry a legacy. What will you make space for? What hangs on your heart and what hangs on the walls that surround you ? YOUR real estate is prime, what you reflect is key. Live your legacy. What will you actively focus on and create in your precious space and time ?

What was your focus these past few days? What actions have you created ? What stress have you created and or carried?

So what does the “Mercury In Retrograde” part mean ? Astrologically, Mercury represents the planet of communication. Communication challenges with electronics as well as human behavior: patience, tempers, negative self talk/negative communication and competency of the self is also associated with mercury. When Mercury goes into retrograde three times a year we are given the opportunity to close out what no longer serves us, attached with the challenge of rising above negativity. When it rotates in a different direction many tend to lose patience and rush communication. This retrograde runs until February 21st when Mercury goes direct again.

It is wise to stay calm and careful at this time. Hold compassion and considerate thought. Choices and actions made in anger cannot be undone. Focus on the blessings and the love in which you are fully supported to grow.

Trust the process.

Close out what no longer serves and stay CALM & CONFIDENT.

Represent. Be you.


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