Water Under The Pink Full Moon

Water Wednesday, and I've been chillin' in water all throughout my day, finding the peace. 2020 first pink full moon last night, and what a powerful storm that followed. Today’s a great day to LET IT GO. Let the past decade and the closing out of winter and all of the stresses of a world-wide quarantine go go go. Peace Peace Peace is the way, feel the calm of water. Make room in your mind and soul for the first spring of the decade to bloom. For that we need water.

Hit the hottub, pool, ocean, shower, saltwater Epsom bath…get to the water.

The body is made up of mainly water, so when the full moon hits, we feel it, but we can benefit. Full moons have a gravitational pull on water and cause extreme highs and lows in the tides, in nature and can often be felt in the human body. Full moon storms come and can gently wash away what’s no longer serving the greatest good, or it can turn nature upside down, wash away the whole beach and carry you to an unexpected shore. Full moon causes water to flow…in and flow out, out with the old, in with the new.

Water is the building block of cells, we grow.

Water is a carrier, nutrients to cells, we thrive.

Water insulates our body, we feel comfortable.

Water helps metabolize foods, we gain.

Water lubricates our joints, we loosen.

Water acts as ashock absorber, protects our brains and spines, we shift.

Water flushes out toxins and wastes from our body, we shed.

Water is a solvent, dissolves whatever it needs to, we strengthen & gain clarity.

Take time for self-care, when you soak it up, know that you are worthy of the greatness you desire. Release the past and know that every day you gain new cells, NEW CHANCES, every day you have the chance to take a step toward the lightness of being that you seek. You have a chance to be you and live your dreams.


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