As I set up to get some work done on the computer today, two random files appeared on my monitor: the empty NCAA Bracket that will never get filled this MARCH MADNESS, carrying a sad feeling and an image of art that I created that carries the total opposite feeling.

The NBA, NCAA losses were big, cut through the heart and DUG...RIGHT...IN. What a hard pill to swallow, especially when we are all still mourning Kobe & Gianna & families in that tragic accident. I truly believe they are now angels helping us on the other side. Look around and you will see signs of them all around. We are not guaranteed any promise of more time on earth. So, what are you doing with your time? What are you doing when you feel your most optimisitic? What TIME of day do you feel your BEST?

When it comes down to it, we certainly have control of our time. Identify the time of day that YOU FEEL YOUR BEST. Use this time of day to create and commit action toward your TOP GOAL. Even if you are only able to contribute 10minutes a day to this something special that's close to your heart, I promise you that you will carry the joy ALL throughout your day. Try it for 7 days and it will become a habit worth keeping!

In this time of social distancing, its important to connect. Share your stories of what you love, perhaps videos with your loved ones and family of you participating in something great that's close to your heart.

What gets you up in the morning ? What keeps you up at night? Follow the creative calling that leaves you feeling your best. We certainly feel good when we watch live sports. We feel GREAT when we play, when we participate. Being on a TEAM feels great. Perhaps that's what we're missing most in professional sports. We love TEAMWORK. One goal, one TEAM, working with others to achieve GREATNESS. How can we be a united team in this time where we are called to come together from a distance? Get outside and play sports. SHARE THE EXPERIENCE, TALK ABOUT IT WITH FRIENDS & FAMILY. Create your own videos, or reflect on you tube videos of your favorite plays from the past.


Aim to see your dreams come to fruition. Dreams = Joy ! Tune up your level of joy, this will increase your awareness and will enable you to be closer to the spiritual answers you seek, to navigate the clarity and direction in your days.

May you be blessed with the feeling of joy and feeling your best today.

Love to you, Kia

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