One of the best things you can learn to do in life is to LET GO. Why didn't I get the job? Why didn't he call me back? Why isn't she following me on instagram? Why arent I gaining followers? Why didn't they include me in the invitation? Guess what? You are doing everything RIGHT NOW that you should be doing, and so is everyone else. If the door you are knocking on is not opening, it is not the door for you right now. Perhaps you are being spared more pain by being excluded. Perhaps you are being saved from a poor decision or personal connection when you are what seems to be overlooked. Have gratitude for the process and the divine plan...go with the flow and let go of your EGO and your whys and just focus on following your heart. JUST BE YOU. Do what brings you joy, what makes your heart sing. It will all unfold from there...have a great day.

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