I Got It

“Whatever you’ve got, I got it” she said.

Oh-my-goodnesssssss. Just when you think you’ve got your balance and flow of scheduling and managing life all figured out, your patience and humility get tested. So...will you pass?

Are you able to smile and accept the lessons and hidden blessings that accompany life’s hiccups? If you are, more and more opportunities WILL find their way to your doorstep.

Today I passed a patience test, and when I did, I received a huge blessing. Today I was tired and skipped the gym. I was proud I had gone the past three weeks every day. I had an air about my confidence as I eased into a slow morning. “I got this”, I thought.

It’s always the way, entertain the least bit of overconfidence and the universe shows you up...but, here’s the great part...if you linger enough to accept the moment of humility, and are ready to accept a whole lot more, some type of hidden blessing will most likely follow the lesson.

An impromptu, but much needed quick grocery trip and I’m in the self check out line. I’ve laid it all out, about to pay, baby #3 is worn thin, the bribing doughnut has lost it’s glamorous edge and BABY IS FUSSIN. Ok, almost outta here...wallet...WALLET...WHERE'S THE WALLET???

WALLET IS GONE-ZO. Fully confident, it's somewhere, just give them a check. Clerk loudly states store only accept checks with a license..which is in the wallet. Great, can you hold my stuff here while I go search the car? Baby is crying and the lady next to me steps in front of me and says, "whatever you got, I got it. " as she slides her credit card. I was so surprised, stunned, I hadn't even checked the car in the gym bag and diaper bag, etc....she looks at me smiles and says"I've been there. HAVE A GREAT DAY."

I thanked her and asked her to wait and let me check in the car, but she walked out smiling. I quickly bagged our groceries and looked around the parking lot, I wanted to write her a check, but she was gone. SUCH A KIND GESTURE. THANK YOU AGAIN, AWESOME WOMAN AT CHECKOUT!

Moral of the story, WAIT FOR THE RAINBOW AFTER THE STORM...OH, and keep your wallet in the same place no matter how chaotic the day ;)

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