Cheetah Mindset

A new week is upon us. This is the first Monday of the start of a retrograde “preshadow”. This is a time when energies collect & pile up. Somehow everyone in the household opens the fridge or walks in one place at the same time, lesson: move mindfully and have patience. Items spill, lesson: change your eating habits from rushing to slow and mindful...items break, to encourage you to clear your space and release the old that clutters your path to allow life to flow easier. The projects you’ve been putting off somehow get pulled off the shelf and make way for new space. Retrograde’s action can result in a feeling on earth of anxiousness and or confusion; in a time of anxiety or confusion we naturally seek out what is most important. If it’s kids being affected by retrograde have patience and understanding. If toddlers climb everywhere, lesson is learn to take time for self growth. If kitties have an accident compassion is key to their needs and the lesson to be reviewed may be change in their diet to adding more healthful balance in their diet, etc etc, always look for the message. Learn to think in brevity & value and identify what are your top priorities. 

If it is close to our hearts, and most important, we are able to forge ahead with smooth sailing, with it we will not faulter. If it is time to let go of something that no longer serves our greatest good, or if we are moving in the wrong direction, or if we will benefit from a delay, we may have travel or communication problems.  

Take a moment to think deep on what is closest to you and what your personal goals are this week. Take a cheetah mindset, they are the greatest hunters because of their sharp mindset, ability to use their body to feel balance & turn direction on a dime if they need to. They patrol, survey and then pounce and achieve their goals. 

Have success this week and set goals in your heart and on paper and hang on your mirror. Life is yours for the taking. When you are truly on path competition is but a word, and you shall rise with ease to the top of your game. 

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