You Time

To empower yourself it is crucial to put yourself first; first in your mindset (mind), first in your love (spirit), first in your health(body), first in your day. Start each day honoring yourself by expressing gratitude. Give thanks for your brilliant mind that facilitates all of your love and drive and needs and desires, gratitude for your functioning healthy body that carries you and allows you to feel the world around you, gratitude for your spirit that chooses love, happiness and growth. Whether or not you are in optimal mindset, health or happiness, give thanks for where you are at right now and for where you will be in the future. Imagine life how you want it, imagine health how you desire and it shall be so. Our mind's thoughts and spoken words attract the same outward reflection. Empower yourself with strength, choose your thoughts wisely ever day. Take time in the start of your day for self care by pampering your self with warm water that soothes, gentle soaps, organic products, Epsom salts, essential oils. It's imperative to meditate every to connect your higher self to your Source of life and love. Before dressing set yourself for success by complimenting your physical body and give gratitude again. Put on favorite music if you have a big event to prepare for in your closet. With clients my motto has "fit then fashion". Always make sure you are comfortable in the fit of your clothes so that you are comfortable in your own skin, so to speak, comfortable in your own day. Clothes are intended to be an outer layer that protects us and expresses our inner self to the world. Look in the mirror and notice how awesome it is to be YOU! Intend to have a great day. Expect miracles and that hidden blessings will be revealed just for YOU.  

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