Take It Away

Wanna keep you fly? Set a plan to get your house in order, everything within it has a "home" (a storage space) or does not. What does not, must go. Let go that which no longer serves you, or no longer brings you joy. 

Excess is easily identifiable, it does not have a home, gets shoved in corners, piled and forgotten. Usually treasured items are appointed "storage" homes as soon as they enter your home. New blazers and collared shirts are hung immediately in excitement to be worn. Got new soap and toiletries - quickly it's popped into the bathroom and cracked open by your grateful self. The free promotional t shirt is still jammed in the back of your trunk bc it should be on its way to the donation center instead of occupying prime real estate in your closet. 

Clear your closet, clear your shelves through your the entire house. Keep a flow in your car, all spaces that reflect YOU. Stay fly! Only keep the best representations of YOU!

When you create space in your life, you create opportunity for new growth.

Look forward to new opportunities by letting go of the old! Stay fly...

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