Full Moon Fashion

KiaLyons H.E.A.R.T means Fridays are for tapping "creativity". With today's full moon it's going to be a powerful creative release.

What's that? Creativity not in your make up you say? What if I told you that YES IT IS. 

Creativity includes dressing you, put the energy into it, CREATE WHO YOU ARE.

Start with YOU, everyday, and your image.  Fashion has endless possibilities and most importantly enables YOU to get dressed with heart. 

As you sift through your closet today, tonight, when you dress this week, let the full moon move you, inspire you to FINE TUNE who you represent. 

Do you represent fashion that's edgy, sometimes cuddly, crisp, vibrant colorful like your spirit, badass like some of your music? You can have all different sides to you, reflect it in your appearance. Maybe it's rockstar, but what I doubt, is that it's stained and smelly and dirty. Let the old outdated, outscentrd items go. 

Pickup a blank hanger, what will you honor it with? How will you honor YOU with only favorite items you love to wear in you closet. When contemplating, ask yourself do you love it?  Is it a staple you indeed need now or this season? Does it bring you joy? 

Limit the amount of hangers, so your apparel has room to be viewed and accessed easily. Sounds easy but I bet thousands of closets could use pairing down and fine tuning.

Creativity includes SHOPPING FOR YOU! Treat yourself and after you do, treat a clothing center/goodwill, ie: someone else some of your old gear. 


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