Clearing Makes Way

Mid week Wednesday, clear your space and make way for a new inspiration to flow your way! 

   The moon fills its way to full this Friday, and with that comes a magical cleanse. The energy shifts, whatever serves YOUR GREATEST GOOD will shine through like the light of the moon & the rest will wash away like with the tide. 

    By completing our pending projects, to do lists and releasing what no longer serves, it allows space for NEW BLESSINGS ,NEW IDEAS, NEW GREATNESS TO ENTER & FLOW.

   Our lives are made up of 7 year cycles, we start projects, relationships, learn lessons, accept lessons and release anything that no longer serves us and make way for the coming of the next cycle. What year of your cycle are you in? Start seeking more from your higher SELF. Ask who you are, who you want to be, what to release, what to expect, what you truly desire, ask for what you want, when you want it & give thanks for it all! 

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