Revealing YOU

Good afternoon, happy start of the week. Monday, a great day to set an intention to carry with you all week. 

This week, set a goal in your heart to get to know YOU better. Ask your inner, higher self, some of your favorite things to do, ask WHO YOU ARE - let it BE BOLDLY REVEALED TO YOU - all week. 

This may seem silly at first thought. Don't I already know who I am? We may have been something at another time in our life that we are no longer giving time and energy to express. We grow, we let go of goals and form new goals, hopefully they include our higher self and personal desires. 

You may be revealed some negative aspects of yourself that have started to surface due to lack of sleep, attention, or unaddressed emotions or physical or mental needs. Accept all aspects of yourself that are revealed and take initiative to NOW CREATE THE SELF YOU DO WANT! 

I want to be kind, patient, ambitions, more introspective, more social, more quiet, a better listener, a better speaker. I want to learn to access my creative side, to take more time for myself in nature. And so on and so forth.

Part of who we are is what we do, not what we say we will do, not what we say we have done. Life is ever evolving, so make sure who you love to be,what you love to do, right now, is shining through on a daily basis.

Shine through YOU! 

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