Creative Shine

Everyone has creativity within. So how often are you letting yours shine?  Often we get busy in our lives, going through the routines, motions, getting busy with work, kids, holidays and life. 

  In order to connect with our true inner higher SELF, we want to tap into it by accessing our creative side. 

What will you do to bring joy and or peace into your days? Perhaps you will create a new song, poem, or festive floral centerpiece? Maybe you make a new cd mix to sing to while you drive with the sunroof open on this gorgeous fall day? Perhaps you're on a beach and can collect shells or rocks to stack them or paint them. Creativity can take so many forms, it should be something you are passionate about or really like so that when you're creating, you can let your senses start to get into gear and let your mind to start to just free flow into joy or peace or clarity (ideas to help you on your journey).

Whatever you create, have gratitude and enjoy! 

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