Free Flow

Find clarity in the beautiful arms of nature. It's the season for apples and pumpkins. Find an orchard to pick apples. 

Walk around in peace. Go with the flow of the wind. Gather with gratitude a half bushel of apples, peace, grace and clarity.

Being outside in nature allows your mind to wander. It indulges your senses to work together to appreciate the crisp air on your skin, the cool branch, leaf or apple in your hand, the smell of fresh fruit or perhaps pine, memories of your younger or future self to surface. 

Making time for you allows answers you've been seeking to come into your mindset. 

Not to mention if you choose to bring home some apples they are a perfect snack anytime. 

Wash apples, cut in half (discard cores), place on a greased cookie sheet and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake 350 for about 40min or to your softness liking. Enjoy! These are great warm, or stored and eaten cool. Some kids prefer applesauce, just throw some of the baked goodies into a processor, skin and all, and voila: some of nature's sweetness for everyone. Enjoy. 

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