You, You

Do you know how to set aside personal time? Actually plan it on the calendar and make sure you follow through using that time for YOU?  Life is a whirlwind with family, school, work, meals etc. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DREAM AND A GOAL IS A DATE. Make daily time for YOU.

 When opportunities come up, and it's close to your scheduled personal time,CHOOSE WISELY.

Everything takes time. 

Will just starting the laundry, or a quick play date, quick phone call or a quick snack REALLY TAKE THAT LONG? Maybe not, but it all adds up and the real question is are you getting quiet time each day to reflect on YOU and your inner thoughts, needs, desires? 

    Learn to say yes NOW to all of those things, and schedule THEM for a later date. 

A great friend taught me how to release guilt that comes with saying "I can't" and "no", simply by omitting the word those words. Say yes to everything you want and explain your current plan, and soon to be available free time. 

Empower yourself by practicing saying "Yes. Right now I have something I have to do but let me get back to you on that. "

Practice makes easy. Take time, MAKE TIME, CREATE time for YOU.

FIND YOURSELF REFLECTING, creating, relaxing, anything YOU want everyday, a little time for YOU, YOU, YOU. 

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