Keep It Clear

Creating space allows you moments to breathe...imagine a clear desk to encourage ideas, a clear kitchen to inspire recipes, a clear room to encourage play. Ideas & peace are what comes when you clear a space.

What does it mean to clear a space? Keeping up with the day to day living that creates clutter and hassle.

Keep your chairs easily accessible. Keep your counters open and free of piles. Keep your floors free of excess and you will feel a change of the energy. Stress and anxiety will lift. Ever wonder why it feels so "light" in a hotel and "heavy" in high traffic household rooms? This is it. Energy collects and sits trapped in "clutter".

Life is a hustle, work, family, eating, cleaning, birthdays, go, go, go. If you can just start by committing to keep one space clear FOR YOU, you will be doing yourself a great service. Let there be a place, free of clutter, clear and spacious, for you to go and reflect, to find YOU, to find peace, to find ideas. As you learn to manage your time, you will be able to commit keeping all of your spaces clear, and so will your kids. Honor YOU in all of the spaces that you occupy, yourself will thank you!

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