I Got It Made

“I'm your idol the highest title numero uno

And understand i got the gift of speech

And it's a blessin

So listen to the lesson i preach

Full of knowledge from my toes to the top of my dome

I got it made

I'm outspoken--

I'm special ed and you can tell by the style that i use

I'm creatively superior, yo--i never lose

I never lost cuz i'm the boss

I never will cuz i'm still

The champion, chief one, won't lose until--

I choose

I'm talented, yes i'm gifted

I got the riches--to fulfill my needs

Got land in the sand of the west indies

Even got a little island of my very own--

I gotta frog--a dog with a solid gold bone

An accountant to account the amount i spent

And when my dishes got dirty, i got cascade

When the weather was hot, i got a spot in the shade

I'm wise because i rise to the top of my grade

Wanted peace on earth, so to god i prayed"

…powerful words selected from Special Ed’s song, "I Got It Made.

Empower YOURSELF, set your mind to confidence and let your flow ring positive.

IMAGINE THE "YOU" that you want to be & reflect it.

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