Nature Carries Us

Turn to nature for your recharge. Get outside and connect to turn up your intuition and clarity.

After seeing a friend post a video of him carving waves behind a boat in California I decided to rent one the next day for me and two of my kids. Great idea!

The water was peaceful. The boat was big enough for my kids to run around it, the driver was kind, patient and informative.

By getting out on the boat, we found a new kind of peace, acquired only by watching, listening to and feeling the rocking waters ourselves. we learned that right around the corner from our home, at a state creek, there lived an entire village underneath it at one time. After the town flooding so often, eventually townspeople let it go and left an entire town of homes as they were, in what now is a state park lake. Every year end of summer, the township empties the water level and you can actually see the top of the chapel steeple peak out from under the water, dating back over 100 years ago.

Get out and get in nature. Connect and you will find blessings and secrets revealed to you. Enjoy!

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