Focus on YOU

I learned a lot from Bob Mackie. What I learned is we all have access to great creativity when we have clear enough space to open the door. And when you access your inspired creativity, ride the waves passionately until you feel like taking a rest and just floating on them.

  Creativity ebbs and flows. We get ideas that are packed with energy that we can't wait to start. We fulfill life goals, one by one, we get pumped up, we accomplish. 

If we're lucky enough, as kids, we are exposed to different sources of creative outlets: creating, designing, baking, playing sports, making arts & music, acting, etc. Things we actively do with our soul. 

As adults, we can look deep at WHO WE ARE, our creative interests that we've carried with us for so long & what we WANT TO DO creatively with our current free time. What currently are your favorite creative outlets?  Are they passionately calling you? What's on your shelves staring back at you in the spaces you occupy?

Make sure the shelves on your walls reflect your current desires. Your space is a direct reflection of YOU. Is it crammed with project ideas you will get to someday? Keep it focused on your current inspirations and keep spacious enough so you can open the door to your next big wave of inspiration.

Find your passion,your greatest creative outlet and focus on it with unwavering faith. Remove anything that clutters your way, physically and emotionally in the space around you. GET "YOU" moving, allow inspiration your personal space to strike hard and ride that wave.

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