We all have moments where we get "out of character". Perhaps it's lack of sleep, food, patience.  

Who are you? What is your character?

Stay in character by empowering yourself. Ask yourself are you wearing your H.A.T?

Hungry angry or tired? Remove the H.A.T. Go outside. Take a deep breath, take three more. Access your inner self. (Teach kids to do same).

Get empowered by getting adequate rest (intuition on point when you get your feet up at least a 12hrs a day, sleep counts!), healthy nourishment (organic greens with life energy best for optimal health), set time aside for you to connect with spirit and your higher self - meditation and daily reflection are going to build you up and point you to where you need to go! 

"Get in character" means settling in to YOUR BEST SELF & staying there. We can be sweet, sassy, outgoing, private, gregarious, shy, rowdy, fun, playful, sensitive, introspective & peaceful all at once. All different characters that make up our SELF and WHO WE ARE. Cranky, impatient, condicending, irrational, moody are not US, just unmastered behaviors affected by hunger, anger or lack of sleep.

Stay empowered so that outside influences don't affect the strength of who we are. Struggle with other people that are hungry, angry or tired can leave us affected if we are not empowered and strong enough to LET IT GO.  

Stay empowered, BE YOU. Rock this day and have the power to own your shizzzzat. Stay peaceful, stay powerful, stay patient... STAY YOU. 

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