Full Moon Beauty

Natures time of release is during the full moon. Often two days before the moon is at its fullest, nature gets off kilter. People tend to drive quickly without full focus and act erratically. Animals dart toward traffic and get confused during full moons, everyone's intuition seems to be off. 

Perhaps it is off for a reason. Have you ever noticed the things you do without thought during the full moon were things you needed to do anyway or let go of?

Here's a challenge, use the beauty of the full moon as a time of intentional release. Be emotionally present. Seek to identify WHO YOU ARE at this present moment in time and identify any qualities you may be lacking that YOU wish to attain.

 Get outside and state your intentions, OUT LOUD.  Remove any unwanted behavior, any negativity, anger, pain, relationships, etc and make room for the YOU that you do want. Welcome optimism, positivity, flexibility, strength, fortitude and patience.

Welcome always, ever evolving YOU. As you continue to go with the flow of your journey, welcome YOUR OWN ability to choose WHO you are and how you handle each day. 

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