Declare YOU

Replace all self-defeating labels with declarations of WHO YOU ARE.

I am...loving...talkative...confident...a thoughtful planner...a patient spouse and parent. These are examples of personal declarations.

If you're lacking the ability to complete the statement and you find there is something you want to state but haven't evolved to yet, try saying "I am in the process of becoming (xyz)".

Have appreciation for who you are right now and the positives your bring so authentically. If this doesn't come naturally to you, practice programming your brain to identify your strengths & interests and to value WHO YOU ARE. Need help with this? Let's talk. 

Right now I'm in my third hustle to get physically strong and fit after baby #3...caring for a baby that's now learning to walk while chasing two other toddlers, time and energy is limited. 

Ive learned that going steady and slow is key, allowing myself an easy pace ensures I will stay successful and stick to my plan. On tough days I remember my first priority is to be happy and to be there for my family, not to go so over the top that I knock my emotions out of balance. ... I offer myself  compassion bc we all have hurdles and need to get back up when we fall, to keep on with the race. 

Keep INTENTION AND SELF CONTROL prioritized, and you will see success. 

When you want something (for your greatest good that is physically achievable), acknowledge your goal and your challenges, the steps you need to achieve your goal, put support systems in place, look in the mirror, declare what you want , get your inner SELF on board and you will succeed in all the right time. 

Honor your SELF & YOUR desires. Empower yourself...PUT YOU FIRST. Be good to YOU, you're doing a great job.

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