Creativity Looks Like This

It's just one of his many creations, tricked out cars/ crawlers he can race in the desert and fine tune, style out ALL HIS OWN. 

By creating something close to your heart, you honor your SELF. When you create something all your own and then can experience life, nature and passion within it, boom, even cooler.

Dave D., a California native, is an inspiration who reminds us to HAVE FUN. When he talks about his drive experiences in his cars he describes his personal connection to it..."it feels like I'm floating" he says. To be connected enough to identify and verbalize your feelings is DOPE, ie:highly beneficial to the soul.

He works hard so that he can create a life of fun in his spare time. His commitment to his honoring his true self and all the possibilities life has to offer, is a true  example to be followed. 

A man of all sports, all things FUN...amazing surfer, loves all sports. I saw a video of Dave carving water behind a boat that created some serious waves for him, amazing. Inspired me to rent a boat on the lake that same day for me and my kids. Thank you shout out to Double D!!!

Find what sparks YOUR inner passion and creativity. Find experiences that unleash your true YOU and funnel happiness to the core of YOUR soul.

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