Clear Your Calendar

Have any of us truly learned to tackle our calendar? We can start by chipping away at the big things that are using up all of our energy. MAKE SPACE IN YOUR WEEK FOR YOU!

Priscilla Shirer prompts us to go within with her questions: "Is there anything you can't say no to? Can't stop? Are a slave to or indulge in? " Some DEEP statements and most likely some DEEP answers. These questions CHANGED MY MINDSET after my second child. Now by baby #3, I swear by this....MAKE TIME FOR YOU!

Create boundaries as a gift to our SELF. Allow SPACE in your life. Allow time to IMAGINE. Allow time to VEG out and not give a crap what comes next...just be. Keep a day where you can just go with the flow and not have any commitments.

Creating SPACE in your life, CREATES SPACE for YOU to grow.

Time is YOURS to use however you choose. CREATE and ENJOY YOUR FREE TIME.

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