Raise Praise

Some grow up ignored,pushed aside, in the shadows, left wondering if they're worth anything.  I'm here to tell you, that yes you are worth it, you are priceless!

We are each created special, amazing in our own unique beautiful way. Every one of us. We all should be lucky enough to be raised knowing our greatness and learning how to be our best selves and how to access our magical unlimited pure potential.

When we are able to be independent of even the good opinion of others, we are able to focus & truly imagine OUR TRUE SELVES.

Start listening to WHO YOU WANT TO  BE- your likes and dislikes. Listen to what your senses are telling you. Take time to notice your desires and praise yourself when you bring those to fruition and allow your inner self to shine through your outer SELF.

When you raise your SELF UP IN PRAISE, you build an inner strength and will SHINE.

Enable your self to be your BEST SELF.

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