Choose Who YOU Are

YOU have the power to set the intention, set the tone of WHO YOU ARE.  

I am kind, forgiving, fun, compassionate, patient, nurturing, understanding, energetic being yet love my quiet personal time. 

I am a great parent, an encouraging friend, a dog walker, animal lover, peacemaker, conscious decisionmaker and more. 

Remind yourself of all of your positive characteristics that make up WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU WANT TO BE. Focus on developing further all of your good attributes and make them GREAT! Let go of any focus on your negatives or weaknesses. 

Forgive yourself, let go of guilt, we all make mistakes. We all loose our cool and learn to grow from struggle and tough encounters. 

Get adequate rest, healthful diet, meditation, exercise and balance to gain strength and control of YOU. 

Put your hand on your heart, declare the best parts of who you are and commit to being YOUR BEST SELF!

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