Clear Your Path

A clear space will CLEARLY illuminate the next step for YOU.

What DOES "Clear Your Path" mean? It means decluttering to allow YOUR life to flow. Clearing your space of items that no longer serve your greatest good. These items hold old energy from a time that has passed. Dead energy weighs you down, if you want to fly you have to let go of excess not fueling your current engine.

Let go of the items "I may need it someday" and see how your spaces can evolve to support the current thriving YOU! With baby number 3 all up in my schedule, I had been avoiding parting with some well stored hand carved pieces of furniture. They were family heirlooms but they had taken second string a few times and with the new baby they wouldn't be used FOREVAAAAA. I tossed and turned but my higher self kept nudging: "Pass them on".

I parted with the furniture, the process is always hard, seeing them under a glistening light next to fancy items at the consign store made me wish I had another room for them, but that would be one more room to clean and dust and guess what? Extra dusting is not on my agenda AT ALL, PEACE OUT FURNITURE.

What happened when I let it go from my garage? An entire room change snowballed into a LIFE CHANGE. Once I saw the big hole of energy the furniture left for me I gained CLARITY... decided to remove two large trashcans as well (never made sense anyway, this is my extended FENG SHUI money corner of the house). Then...A BUNCH OF SHT I no longer use appeared, why didn't I see it before? Well, in a nutshell, I created an amazing plein air design studio where I can roll up the garage doors and paint with a giant easel or a long illustration table. I love it, kids love it. LIFE CHANGE and FITS WHO I AM and my current needs.

Clear YOUR space. Your space is like GOLD...and it is LITERALLY YOUR AIR TO BREATHE.

What are you doing with it?

Choose AIRFLOW, ALLOW SPACE. Keep organized spaces, use clear containers to access what you need. Omit cardboard that absorbs moisture, mold, energy and other fresh particles that could be going to YOU.

Leave excess items to someone else. Be able to reach for what you need instantly. Prioritize what supports YOU and LET GO of the rest.


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