Write YOUR Story

WRITE YOUR STORY. Whats on the cover? Color it or design it to represent YOU.

Take a piece of 8x10" paper, fold twice, (folding tallest side in half and then again fold its tallest side in half). Staple fold sided ( cut open the closed folded edge), leaving your own bound little 6 page book. This is your little personal book of "YOU".

Page 1. Write who you are.

Page2: Write what you represent.

Page3. What parts of YOU do you LOVE? Write it down.

Page4. Top ten words to desscribe YOU.

Page 5. What do you do most?

Page 6. What do you want to do most?

How is it going? Do you want to change its storyline or ending?

Write. Read. Edit how you want it. LIVE IT. LOVE IT.

Put your hand on your heart and pledge now to live what you desire, live your truth.

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