What's YOUR outlet ?

Maybe it's painting, maybe music, maybe it's books, maybe it's landscape design or flower arrangements; think about your day to day living and tell me what YOUR CREATIVE OUTLET is.  

     Friday's my day to remind you to GET CREATIVE and to take time to attend to YOUR CREATIVE SIDE. Stop planning, Start Creating. 

    Not sure what YOURS is?  Here's some ideas to try and see how your SELF & SENSES respond. If you are passionate in the process and if your eyes love what you see, hands love what you feel and create, nose loves the smell, ears love what you hear, when your mind loves thinking about it, then you have found IT. 

This weekend try out new ways to release and have fun. FIND YOUR INNER KID & HAVE FUN! 

 Open your closet and play dress up, create new foods, take some photos, redesign a special corner of your home, do something creative. 

Here's a bright painting from a special quiet peaceful corner in mine. I created this Cheetah this week and call it "African Hope", 18 X 24 Acrylic.

Wishing your inner SELF some great creative time, enjoy! 

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