Making YOUR Back To School Hustle Plan

Calling all Moms and Dads. The Back-To-School hustle is herrrrre. But you already know that, because excitement, happiness, and frazzled chaos has rolled up in your spot, blocking your peaceful personal morning time again. TIME TO ACCLIMATE. TIME FOR YOUR HUSTLE PLAN.

BEFORE the morning's 500 "I need this" from the kid(s), TAKE TIME FOR YOU. Set aside time to breathe in your morning moments, however you do it; I like to make some decaf tea, breathe in fresh air outside, recharge in the shower using detoxing epsom salts and then meditate. Let go of any looming "to do" lists and welcome a NEW day of HOPE. Take YOUR fresh start to each fresh day.

Make sure to emblazon yourself with a confident coat of arms that says " I GOT THIS, I AM CALM, LOVING, PATIENT AND PEACEFUL". Connect with whatever higher power you choose. and kindly ask to hook it up, make YOUR day the best possible.

Top priorities that should be part of your hustle plan: map out when everyone in your home will get their exercise, food and rest/downtime.

Have a great day, keep "YOU" prioritized in YOUR day!

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