Dream Space Walk Through

We all have those dream moments where we think to ourselves, "someday I plan to buy x,y.z" "When I'm rich I'm going to redo this room and get blah blah blah."

Last weekend I had the thought for the last time, "someday I will make an outside space to paint". I was so stuck on the idea of creating a studio in a shed or freestanding area that I almost passed up what was literally right in front of my eyes every day. For free, I was able to remove some giant trashcans and vintage basketball net from one side of my garage and easily made my dream come true in just a few hours. The past week I've been thrilled to just open both garage doors, open the window, sit and look outside as I paint and it feels like a new space, a design space, a fresh space, ALL ME.

Now is the time, live in the now for YOU. Your space should reflect everything YOU represent. Take a dream walkthrough your home right now and imagine all you would like in your space; what is inspiring you?

The dream changes can happen now. MAKE YOUR SPACE YOUR OWN, NOW. Make adjustments and changes to bring as much to fruition in YOUR CURRENT SPACE as possible.


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