P!nk Knows

Last night P!nk's speech at the MTV Video Music Awards was priceless. The message to her daughter and millions watching, was a GREAT one. Check it out.

Love yourself for WHO YOU ARE and to learn to see the same beauty in others, check your ego at the door, leave judgement and just appreciate individuality and freedom of personal SELF IMAGE and expression.

Place your hand on your heart, commit out loud this week's heart goal: "I will love myself for WHO I AM. I will see beauty in myself and others. I AM WHO I WANT TO BE. (or perhaps: I AM IN THE PROCESS OF BECOMING WHO I WANT TO BE.)" If you feel that pit in your stomach, say it again...and again and again. Practice self love daily because: YOU ARE STUNNING and YOU ARE VERY LOVED.

Have a great week, open your heart and SHINE.

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