Movin' or Shufflin'

In life we take nothing with us when we "go", so share it now.

Each time we move our sacred personal space, be it our home, our car/ transportation , our office, we are asked to review our PERSONAL SELF.  Each time we move we are offered an opportunity to upgrade our SELF GOALS AND SELF IMAGE.  

  REVIEW, What do you use most? You will have this answer immediately.

What inspires YOU? This is what is always on your mind.

When you look at an item and it doesn't bring you immediate joy, clarity or represent the current "YOU", the current space you're in, the current plans / goals you have, then let it go. Pass it on. 

 If you are on the fence or haven't used it for some time and have forgotten all about it...LET IT GO. 

Do you need picture frames on every inch of your counter? Seeing a long counter with nothing on it is easy to dust, easier to view when your eye senses have time to rest and breathe without excess clutter anxiety.

Each time we let go, fine tune and narrow down our items to care for WE GROW IN LEAPS AND BOUNDS, in the direction of our TRUE SELF AND TRUE LIFE MISSION. 

So the question is are you moving forward and beautifying as you create new space or are you shuffling from place to place and jamming items to fit?

To move forward you must lighten your load. So whether you decided to move of your own will or whether a job ending or a house downsizing has you in a new space, look for the blessings in less space less clutter, less on your shoulders, more fine tuned "YOU". When someone else tells you it's time to cut back, is hard to hear and process, but we always end up ok& more free. 

When you fine tune your space, you fine tune your SELF, making living easier, your mission clear and finances the ability to flow with ease.

Have a great easy day! Open your heart and focus on YOU. 

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