Big Cat Tiger

Tiger. The biggest cat of all. Reflect on the power: 

 Tiger, their image is sharp, fashionable, gorgeous, elegant, sleek and strong. Tigers thrive in BOUNDLESS, LIMITLESS spaces. They are mostly active and loathe lying around. Their energy is to move and prowl. At night Tigers do their best work and hunting. 

Tigers have super senses, intense intuition - sharp eyesight, heightened hearing and overall sensing which enables them to be extremely cautious with great AWARENESS.

These beautiful big cats have determined persistence, are unpredictible and spontaneous which keeps life solitary but fun as well.  Even though they prefer quiet personal "SELF" time, Tigers are most loving, peaceful, nurturing and intense when they love.

Open your heart to your own characteristics of SELF when reflecting on natures. Have awareness and peace today. 

Photo: Tiger by the late Gerry Devorak. Gerry was a good friend of my grandfather. He was well known for his character illustrations of "Popeye".

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