New Moon Eclipse 2017

THIS IS A BIG ONE. This NEW MOON, is a big energy because today is a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.

Every month we receive a new moon, BUT TODAY'S NEW MOON WILL BE THE STRONGEST FOR US EVER, so contemplate your GREATEST GOOD and set YOUR BEST intention to bring them to fruition.

New moons are a time of newness, where we feel compelled to start new projects, learn new things, receive new visions, accomplish GREAT feats. Everyone could use this fresh start and welcome it with open arms.

Let go of any negative ways of thinking, acting or being that are holding you back. Get a NEW ATTITUDE today. Get a MINDSET OF HOPE.

Set your heart goal: Put your hand on your heart and pledge to yourself to open your heart and mind and soul; Be open to NEW THOUGHTS, NEW PEACE, NEW CHANGE.

Sending blessings your way today during the eclipse and for years to come!

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