Clearing The Way For Greatness

Where there is air flow, there is clarity. Where there is organization and living with ease, there is peace. Where there is YOU, there is support... in your SELF in your SPACE. Create space for YOU in your life. Look around, you should see inspiration and glimses of what you represent and love. Encouragement around every corner, supporting "YOU" in your space.

This past Monday was the August full sturgeon moon. Every month there is a full moon that encourages us to release what no longer serves our greatest good. You're wise to let go of heavy furniture that crowds your space or no longer brings you joy and easy living. I'm guessing with this full moon that you let go or have been contemplating letting go of an item or two. Do it. When you let go of the past, materials from the past, you grow exponentially. Let go of the item, keep the memory if you choose and replace the item with new space in your heart. The more you can do this, the easier you will see the true YOU.

Create your space to the likeness of the greatest "YOU". Live easily, love the space you're in.

*Find hammocks for your space and more; this great photo is taken from

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