Creativity Everywhere

Ya can't tell me "no". I creatively learned at a very young age to block out the word "no" to bring my desires to fruition. With the exception of safety measures, I highly recommend it. 

Throughout my life I've recommended to others to "do something creative", to aide in their finding passion, clarity and peace. When they would said "no, I'm not creative or artistic at all", I had their "yes, you can be, if you choose". 

Creativity is found in the flow of creating ideas with your mind, senses, and body. Everyone has access to creativity- creativity is everywhere. 

Make a recipe with your kids and let them choose some ingredients, choosing is creating. Baking, mixing and playing with flour is creative. Using natural food coloring is especially fun for little ones. 

Music, plating food, decorating a room, drawing in the sand, choosing your outfits, arranging flowers, editing your photos, writing, alll of these are forms of creativity.



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