Trigger Imagination

When we look at art, we feel creativity, we feel moved, encouraged. When we think to create art, we think of WHAT WE WANT in the IMAGE. Being creative helps us develop our IMAGINATION. Strong imaginations encourage the idea that we are limitless in WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE CAN DO.

So often throughout days I hear the word "don't". "I don't want this", "we don't want to do that" I hear parents say to their kids. Its simply habit. Verbalize WHAT YOU DO WANT, speak in positives. There is ALWAYS a way to say what you want. When you speak with words like "don't" and "can't" you attract a lot of LIMIT in your life, limited thinking and believing in WHO YOU ARE & WHAT YOU CAN DO.

Set out to create something, something colorful with limitless ENERGY, start brainstorming and thinking about WHAT YOU WANT. WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHAT WILL YOU CREATE? WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? Access these thoughts, reflect as you create, ideas will flow.

Try this painting exercise today, you will be happy with what it offers YOU. Hang your art to remind you of this process of growing POSSIBILITIES. Perhaps paint the words "I AM WHO I WANT TO BE" and hang it! Perhaps paint your name followed by the words "IS STRONG" (or your favorite personalized adjective.

This is fun to try with co-workers as well, build encouragement within your team by gathering to paint a collective artwork, pair a logo with a positive adjective on a wall mural or giant canvas to hang in your workspace. This is honoring part of YOU, YOUR SELF IMAGE.

Do this creative exercise more and your habits will shift, your everyday routine will develop into thinking and speaking in positives of WHAT YOU WANT. Open your heart and mind to the endless possibilities of creating...You can be ANY YOU YOU CHOOSE, JUST IMAGINE.

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