Peace In The Water

There's something to say about water: it soothes, energizes, calms, heals, cleanses, nurtures, refreshes, awakens, relaxes, replenishes, comforts and renews us. 

For many, life is a hustle,  but it's meant to be a natural flow like water- yes sometimes the current is fast and has bumps and curves, but mostly we are to keep a pace slow enough to allow us to keep in touch with our awareness that grants us self- awareness of WHO WE ARE and WHAT PATH TO TAKE.  Know when to fight the current to change paths and know when to be carried along, allowing life to carry you to where you need to be. In times you are carried, accept relaxing like the water to rest all of your senses and just be.

Reflect on nature today, and adopt its natural pace. Glide in water. If possible, safely immerse your whole self in nature's water or water outside in the calm warm air.  If you can, float in the peace, giving gratitude for your ability to relax and reflect on YOU or just BE . Slow down. Enjoy.

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