See YOU, Love YOU

First thing out of bed,to the mirror to see his own giant smile- happiness is his reflection. "Love you, self!" Another smile from my newest son.

     This is the start of how his day will go, loving WHO HE IS. Same for all of us, WHO WE ARE starts in our mind. Every day we have the power to choose love, joy & peace.

What if I told you "you decide to be who you are" with every thought you have and decision you make: on your success, finances, personal style, health, how you live, how you act, how you eat, etc. 

    With every decision and every move,  this week, keep this question in mind:

"How does this affect WHO I AM, WHO I WANT TO BE?"

    Looking forward to hearing how your week goes with this one question played over in your mind. Your success is up to you, stay mindful and focus on that one question and YOU, YOU, YOU!

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