Matchbox On The Shelf

This little car says move forward without fear in all of your endeavors, break away when you need some peace, go along for a fun ride, haul ass when you can and put some speed in your game. 

There's a zebra matchbox sized car on my shelf, it's not the kids, it's mine. It's an intentional visual placeholder that represents the part of me that loves the beauty and speed of cars. It's a zebra because my apparel business logo is one as well..all me. 

The little car reminds me of my interest in car design, tattoo art, and my mindful decision to pursue an education in graphic design and apparel. 

To me this little car encourages me to someday hit a race track and peel some laps because I can.  Because it's the only one on the shelf, with only a frame next to it,it is highlighted and stands out. 

How do your shelves look? What does your space say for you? Your space is part of your image- let it highlight WHO YOU ARE & your dreams to come...

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