Red Is For Root

Be what you imagine. Dream it, Be it. The things we think of are all part of who we are. What are you thinking of? Are you doing it? What are you talking about it? Are you representing it in your life in your personal self & image? I.e. space that surrounds you?

This week every day, make it your goal to listen to YOUR HEART and BE YOU. 

I like music. Are you stopping to play it and listen and process it? 

I like baking. Have you stopped to create something lately in your busy life?

I love physical training. Have you planned a regimen lately? Take Time it will bring your PERSONAL SELF inspiration. 

This is how to find happiness and YOU. 

Have courage, make time, to be you inside and out, through and through , YOU. 

Be you. Fine-tuned,YOU, YOU, YOU. 

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