That's Me. Who Are You?

"And it goes a little somethin' like this. Hit it"...

Bumped up energy courses through my body, I AM CONFIDENT ME. I carry love in my heart, music in my mind, art in my hands & hiphop in my soul. That's ME.

Some days I'm dolled up to the nines, ready to drop in on my New York fashion houses; some days I'm sportin' a baseball cap with chucks, designing, painting or screen printing, hustlin my kids to run laps and making em laugh with rhymes, rappin positive lyrics I make up about them for smiles. This is what makes me who I am, different from anyone else; we are all unique in our own way and that's the beauty of life. 

When I pass one of the mirrors in my house, do I take little digs if I'm in hustle mode and less than ready for a public appearance? NOT A CHANCE. . . I don't do personal digs.

  I hear friends make digs often about themselves: "My butt looks big".

"My hair looks like sht". "I look exhausted".

            You will not hear it here. 

And guess what? We get tired, we got curves and nothings perfect, embrace it, love it. 

What you WILL hear me say is :

"I'm in the process of..." 

Lately, you'll hear me say: "I'm in the process of getting back to my pre-baby figure again." Am I happy NOW? Absolutely. 

Is clarity, happiness, self-love ,self-appreciation and dressing a challenge for many? Yes and I believe I can help. 

 As a child I was in a very bad car accident; a gratitude-forming, life-changing, image-altering, near death experience and opportunity to grow spiritually for life. I've welcomed 3 children into the world, softened my heart and grown my spirit more with each one, and watched the last fight for his life on life support for his first two weeks of life. What a fighter. Husky & healthy baby now. 

 I've mastered the art of sustaining true happiness in all stages of this journey and ever-evolving transformational and personal growth process. I'd love to share my experience with you. 

Off the books, having fun with friends, will you hear me use superlatives as adjectives in a positive way? 

Absolutely. I am a Philly New Yorker -apparel designer formerly in the NYC Garment District & always up on the music circuit. You won't catch me cursing- because cursing is using superlatives to express anger and I don't do anger. It takes practice, a lifetime, but to learn to LET GO EASILY is best for us all. Life is too short and I am too grateful. 

I'm down to earth, a very spiritual person with many layers, and feel it's my mission to get others to love and respect WHO THEY ARE and what they represent.  

I share all this because I believe to be a great coach, I first need to earn your trust. I share WHO I AM, before getting to know the layers and greatness of WHO YOU ARE. 

Be good to yourself today, tomorrow and the next. Every single thought and comment counts- let them be impeccable. 

Need encouragement? Let's talk about YOU, I'd love to listen. WHO ARE YOU?

Your free consultation awaits.

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