What You See Is Peace

WHAT WAS THAT hissing noise in the backseat of my car? I pulled over and ‬couldn't find a thing. Glad about that.  Start to drive forward- I'm about to leave the random church parking lot and the bell starts to toll, LOUD. 

I stop in the lot, just as a bird lands on a NEARBY STOP SIGN & looks at me directly. The bird's look reads as "stop".  Clock says 9am, so I pause to set my mind to "present" for the 8 remaining tolls. 

I listen to the powerful sound repeat as I relax my shoulders and I stare ahead at a little farm with animals getting cleansed by a light rain. The breeze blows on my face and I feel cleansed too. This is "connecting", in this case it is with nature, so glad I was stopped to be present to enjoy this beautiful natural moment of peace in my busy day. 

Set your heart to be open and present to nature this week, set it every morning and see what happens. 


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