Caterpillars Know The Way

Caterpillars will molt (discard what no longer serves them) 5-6 different times in life, before making a true final FULL TRANSFORMATION. The insect has over 4,000 muscles - the bitty size packs power, to carry oneself where the self needs to go. Over time, cater's will increase their body mass by 1,000x. They know how to conceal themselves and move fast so they stay in the game. Cat's eat greens to boost intuition to help find the way on an almost blind journey. Even with 12 eyes, caterpillars forge ahead almost blindly in a step-by-step manner. Sometimes ending back at square one, will save them from going down the wrong path. Caterpillars do not discourage, they hustle. Three pairs of strong protein powered legs has them hustling to reach their goals fast. Some caterpillars creatively spin beautiful strong silk to provide great shelters. Some spin silk to glide on great winds to where they need be. Nature knows what nature needs. Get outside. How does Caterpillar relate to YOU today? Is there something that no longer serves you? Is there some way you would like to TRANSFORM? 

Keep greens in your diet and move ahead with grace. 

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