Quiet Riot...

START OUT QUIET. Each day after you wake, close your eyes and have gratitude for your health, your loved ones, your life, your day ahead, your days behind, your playful heart, your ability to be creative and have fun, your space. You get the idea. Write down any important thoughts that come to you before your feet hit the ground. Make sure the start of your day starts with acknowledgement of YOU…self-love.

Make sure to keep a quiet corner to start your morning. A space you hold sacred for peace. Sit, slow, reflect, decompress and breathe. I recommend visiting a quiet space for 2-10 minutes at least three times a day. Carve out at least 2 minutes out of your workday and designate the sacred space.

Find peace in closing your eyes; deliberate deep breathing through your nose and digesting cleansing water or a decaf natural drink. This time is for YOU.

Take moments to care for YOU. Self-care opens your heart to LOVE. When you love yourself, and acquire peace, you boost your energy to love others. Open your heart.

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