Triple The Love...

Nature helps us to open our hearts, gain peace and clarity. Visiting local farms, arboretums and sanctuaries is good for the soul. Today we met brand new triplets. Born last Tuesday, their momma finally brought them out of hiding and we happen to be on site. It warmed our hearts to see the new "kids" cuddle and walking around so easily. The baby goats remind us to be playful, allow ourselves to be loved, to climb to great heights, to have gratitude for bodies ready to function in good health, to know when to rest easy and just appreciate the breeze and sunshine. (And wouldn't you know it, there was a peacock there, and when we walked up he squawked somethin' loud as heck, with sass; I like to think he appreciated Monday's blog, and concurred, "open your heart, strut like you mean it").

Open YOUR heart to nature - adopt the pace of nature and open your heart to peace...

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