Corner On The Market

Four corners, you should be able to see or easily access 4 corners in any room you occupy.

Keep the energy flowing in your spaces. Our spaces contain energy: free flowing or stagnant. Our spaces represent and hold our energy: KEEP THEM CLEAR.

Clear = Clarity.

Clearing spaces around you allows you that space to reflect, and therefore connect, with your heart and mind, ie clarity. Clutter will clutter your mind and clarity.

With clarity we are able to allow creativity to flow, in turn, keeping our life energy flowing, ideas flowing. Donate excess not currently serving you, if you need items at a later date, it will resurface in some way shape or form into your life. Clearing main living rooms and office and car is not enough...make sure to clear it all:

Give attention: to the space you see on a regular basis that have big impacts:

a large door entrance: garage

energy grounding your home: basement

free flow space between you and the open sky: attic



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