Full Pink Who? What ? ?

Tonight marks the PINK FULL MOON.

Why Pink? Early Native American tribes gave names to lunar months to keep track, they based names on activities. April’s pink moon is named after pink wildflowers that will be arriving soon.

Full moons are a great time of release. Being that Tuesday’s blogs are dedicated to self love and care, here’s my wish for you…

Start your days off right getting ready. Clear your closet to make room for empowerment. Make sure the hangers and clothes have room to breathe and can be viewed easily. Have an area to prop up your cell phone to play music that moves your soul for each occasion. A flattering mirror is worth its weight in gold. Add some lighting bling, a fun overhead light or crystal chandelier wouldn’t hurt. And please, please, please, keep space in your closets - if I can you can :) Lastly unified hangers visually bring your mind peace and clarity; leave the store acquired size-related hangers at the store; let go of hangers with size labels to gain freedom in your heart .

Have a great day of release, release what’s unnecessary and open your heart.

Wherever you’re at, here’s your full moon…

CALI: April 10, 2017,11:09pm

DENVER: April 11th 12:08 am

CHICAGO: April 11th 1:08 am

NYC: April 11th 2:08 am

LONDON: April 11th 7:08 am

PARIS: April 11th 8:08 am

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