Thanking Priscilla Shirer

She has best selling books, a smile to lift your spirits and carries a message that inspires thousands. PS: Priscilla Shirer you have great fashion sense my dear!

This hawk is one of my favorites, I painted it for Priscilla to thank her for the blessings she offered myself and so many with her BREATHE study. She reminds us to make room for sabbath, once a week, any day, but clear the calendar for our own self. She encourages us to donate our excess, simplify our lives and reflect within, take time for ourselves and to connect to Spirit.

Hawk demonstrates the ability to see "the big picture", seeing from a higher perspective, the power of great vision and extreme focus, becoming more than ever dreamed possible. Take flight, ride the winds and believe you can reach as high as the heavens...

Be blessed, Take it easy and let your hearts Be loved...

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