Bringing Her Oprah & Inspiration

One morning, on my way to Moore, my mom called, purely elated she exclaimed "Oprah's going to be in Philadelphia today for her BELOVED premiere"! I smiled as I walked in the bright city and responded "Ok, I will meet her and tell her you said hi". She laughed, I envisioned her with a playful eyeroll, and she said "Ok, have a great day", "you too" I responded.

I had a great day at school,wrapped it up and then as I headed out, I told a friend that I was walking to the train for home, but first I was going to go see Oprah. "What do you mean?" Sarah asked. "Oh I don't know just come on..." I gestured to go.

We left the building and it started to rain, she started to jog toward the train and I said "wait, that's Oprah" (I pointed to a random tinted out limo turning the street right by us), "I told my mom I would say hi for her". "Kia there are hundreds of limos in the city, WE DON'T KNOW THAT'S OPRAH". But I DID KNOW that was Oprah and I always follow through on my word.

Sarah laughed, it was warm enough, and exciting enough to say "F the rain, let's go on an adventure and if Kia's right, let's welcome Oprah to town"! So Sarah walked with me. The limo took off ahead of us and we just kept our normal pace. Traffic held up, we kept walking. The limo kept on, so did we, and so did the rain. It was really coming down, we were now getting soaked. Sarah gave me her best stink eye, but traffic kept slowing the limo down more and more. "Trust me Sarah" I said.

"Well we've come this far..." she replied. Just then, the windows of the limo rolled down. There was Gayle smiling at us, and Oprah leaning over her, her head popping out the once concealing window and she shouts with grit and a big smile "GIRRRRLS, GET OVER HERE..."

What a glow she had! Oprah truly was warm and lovely and beautiful and full of awesome energy.

"MY MOM SAID YOU'D BE IN TOWN, AND HERE YOU ARE ! I TOLD HER I'D SAY HI FOR HER. YOU ARE HER BIGGEST INSPIRATION." Oprah then says "HIIII MOMMMM" with some sass, and the four of us laughed. The moment felt like we already knew each other, but still I introduced myself and Sarah and then told Oprah and Gayle how beautiful they looked for their premiere. They paused, primped their dresses and said thank you. I told Oprah how my mom has seen probably all of her shows, how Sarah and I loved them too and how mom is now pumped to finally follow through on a weight loss plan because if Oprah can do it so can Mom. Oprah smiled and thought that was great, she offered an autograph to take to mom. I thanked Oprah and said they better get to the premiere. We all waived goodbye, Sarah turns to me, smiles and says "Holy sht Kia that WAS OPRAH" ! We laughed and jogged for our trains, in the opposite direction, soakin up the glorious experience as well as the rain.

That night I told my mom I said hi to Oprah for her. "Oh yeah?" she smiled. "Yeah and she said hi back" I beamed as I handed her a little piece of paper from Oprah to Mom. Mom was so happy, and after years and years of failed diets she made a decision to change her lifestyle and get healthy and she lost all of the weight she planned and is now years later maintaining a gorgeous healthy figure.

The day I met Oprah I followed my heart. After a full day of creative designing my heart was open to go with the flow. When your heart is open you will be blessed with wonderful opportunities and experiences.

Open YOUR heart to unlimited dreams...

Thanks again Oprah! Here's To Your Shining "Beloved" Heart !

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